Reading opens doors to our imagination; learners together collaborated to pen down all the names of books they have read. This engagement was followed by the learners then grouping these book; the aim of the engagement was to provoke learners to understand that most of the stories we read are a product of someone's imagination!


Creativity is thinking new things;  Innovation is doing new things! by- T. Lewitt
During this theme, under the first line of inquiry- Demonstrating and enjoying imagination; learners created beautiful projects to showcase their innovative thinking skills. The purpose of the engagement was to help learners realise their own creative abilities.


Being able to think actively helps us grow and learn coherently; the ability to think creatively helps us become better thinkers, creators and communicators.

Thought provoking questions posed to the learners were-

What is imagination?Where is imagination used?Look around, who do you see using imagination?Have you ever used your imagination?These questions enforced our learners to think, discuss and express ideas. Some interesting observation included: Used by god in natureGrandparents when they tell us storiesBy directors to create moviesBy us when we give excuses to come out of situations


This month learners have been investigating leadership roles. Student council leaders - Head Boy and Head Girl of the school (DP)visited the class to talk to our learners about qualities that make leaders; emphasising on the need to firstly be better individuals. They conducted a few team building engagements to help learners realise the importance of working collaboratively to achieve desired goals.


Kids enjoy being able to draw and demonstrate creativity. We began the theme by allowing learners the freedom to create anything on a piece of paper, which had a line drawn on it.
Learners extended the line to create images that demonstrated their imagination.
This helped our learners understand the idea for the theme; which is Imagination!  


Learners delved into the lives of their favourite leaders, researching about the lives of leaders and their contributions toward changing the community. The day of the final presentation was very colourful, with our young ones dressed explicitly well; in costumes representing leaders from varied fields, both local and global! Presentations were narrated with immense confidence, content reflected the dedicated efforts put in by the learners towards accomplishing the task. Later on learners went on to also reflect in detail their planning process, explaining the reason behind their choices; this helped them understand the importance of making informed choices thus helping them hone their Self Management Skills.


Central Idea- Leadership impacts the community!

After discussing how the areas of the community leadership has impacted and changed. Learners began exploring the importance of change; they began by investigating following teacher questions. These questions helped and guided learners to understand the importance of learners to any and every community. Why is change so important in a community?Is bringing change in how we live and think easy?Why is change always difficult to bring?Role of a leader in bringing change to any community?With this mindset learners began their exploration by conducting a survey, going to all the facilitators; exchanging understanding and grasping new thoughts helped them investigate the idea of change further. 
Their confidence in approaching others; presenting their understanding confidently and assertively helped them become more independent in pursuing knowledge.